“The Other Women” exhibit at Norwood Club

“The Other Women” art exhibit at the Norwood Club Thursday April 6th was fascinating and eclectic. It appeared for just one night and faded out like a star. Eerie photographs displaying woman’s perspectival relationship to her environment, alongside mixed mediums displaying her skewed sense of self eloquently coalesced to construct a complex narrative: A feminine tale. Eric Izquierdo, Lola Jiblazee and Mackenzie Splinder blessed the event with their visions against powerful DJ sets and charismatic attendees ranging from buyers, fashion ingénues, jewelers, architects, journalists, filmmakers, jewelers, entrepreneurs …

see video @farracita instagram*


Norwood Club *photos by Yuriy Chernets


Acrylic on paper, copper, satin, gold anodized aluminum, stainless steel, silk, wood and more resurrected holographic murals. Articulating a deeper message, a softer song, a wilder glimpse into the rich and complex realities boiling within each woman. While every day, the versatile nature of the event surely spiced up everyone’s palate.






Norwood Club
women artifacts– everywhere






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