The “Human Jungle” exhibit

Jetzy hosted “The Human Jungle” art show this week, thankfully extending Halloween beyond the Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Curated by Parisian multimedia artist Aima Saint Hunonj and hosted by the energetic beauty Shama Zehra—art, music, dance, ethnicity and of course—TRAVEL—marked the course of a genuine Fractal, that damp Evening.


The makeshift jungle was set to incredible music set in an exquisite corner east river loft overlooking Brooklyn. People wore masks, albeit with bat-butterfly hints, feathers, or tribal symbols; they had wigs and tails, evoked superheroes, and spoke goddess. A folkloric dancer even graced us all with her mesmerizing sensuality.


“La Via Aurelia” and other series in a variety of mediums, materials and colors were erected in three separate rooms. Signaling Aima’s own self-transformation were sculptures evoking bodily contortions, video projectors alongside tribal masks, plus a TV interview garlanded by masks design. Set in various chambers, each room was an experiential excursion– a journey unto itself.

See videos->  AE014AFD-645D-4418-83C1-9CDD67FC06B2 1D8D03A5-AF60-41F7-AD5C-B32FB81CFF17


Human Jungle  Aima Saint Hunonj


Shama Zehra

Aima Saint Hunonj


Aima Saint Hunonj  farrah sarafa

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