Intellectualizing Fashion: NYPL *Philipp Plein afterparty, NYFW 2017


Injecting a seemingly superficial NYFW with scholarly class. The historically pivotal New York Public Library apparently hosts supreme spectacles of music, ambiance and fashion trends. The Phillip Plein designer’s after party, Monday February 13th, enjoyed a ton of celebrities. Bumper cars, two auditoriums brimmed with beats, sequins, feathery eye-lids, and too much more.



Effective at glorifying the beats of our cognition, art positioned itself at each LED lit up corner, like a party in a Roman castle, or chateau. Fractals imbuing anybody tasting the beef or tuna tartare and limey-digestifs, amid the electrifying  promise of musical bliss– will understand <the fury felt, when the DJ froze as lights-reality switched ‘on’>.

After all, libraries never try to be fashionable, do they? Is the fashion world seeking a brain, or intellectual mask behind which to saunter? Integrate. Perpetrate, with dignity.

Beauty– does a Fashion Show permit, when erected in sublime aura: doric-corinthian columns, 75 miles of shelves, over 51 million circulating items, and a historical millennium visceralized in stone.

NYFW 2017















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