You meet people in the winter

Because they sparkle



the reflection of yourself in the water

Freezing and seizing your every stare


Refracting momentary glare back unto

Angelic faces standing behind you.


Glitterati—spying ahead, we wed

Those boiling with compliments


In the dead of winter. Jacuzzi filled

Tears wipe away the darkest of fears,


with cotton cloves as white as doves.

Woes evaporate into the serenity preserving the


Purity imbued by eyes and thighs interlocked

amid snowy blankets, whose sheets


Exceedingly become the satiny sands

Of Mexico or Ibiza—Manila or Tahiti.


Lightning electrifies ice sculptures,

Molten earth boils up and through frozen lakes—


Tongues like icicles sing Lava

into fingertips—as the earth quakes.


I am a stalactite seeing light

for the very first time—so I bathe


In the ‘green’ showering us with leaves

created from a cold-bruised cocktail blend


I look up to you, lost creatures

because your lashes too often feature


The Land of Glitterati. Freezing, all

I have to do is blow snow flakes


Off the fine strings garlanding your eye

to repose my rose into Glitterati


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