*Kaleidoscopically peering at the most sublime elements of CULTURE— literature, travel, art, fashion, health, race, politics, music and film —FRACTYLL aims to elevate, empower and preserve lattices. Founded by Farrah Sarafa, feature articles, reviews, profiles and event coverage within the various constituents of culture kaleidoscopically generate IDENTITY–into mosaic, mixed media format.




I. Fractals naturally evolve as perfectly symmetrical patterns in both math and nature.  Like snowflakes, they are infinitely complex designs that hypnotize~


fractyll-11fractyll-3-bus-card-2 | Culturefractyll-19-snowflake


Assembling divine mosaics of culture + identity, Fractyll Magazine exalts wild spectrums into scholarly focus.  It does so by:

1.    Featuring relevant issues, amid valuable cultural contexts

2.    Profiling citys’ spiciest venues, pioneers and industry insiders

3.    Interviewing what it takes to reign, elicit gain and make stories …




II. eYes are as concentric and mysterious as our souls process…

          (etymologically) ~         Fractal+E{Y}E>= FRACT’Y’LL


Series 1=Fractal Images Captured in a 3D Animation Rendering, Series 2=Videos Rendered as Animations, Series 3=Sequencing of fractal images Captured from a 3d Animated Rendering Series 4=Compounding Sequencial Imagery to form new fractals, and Fractal Artwork.fractyll-10-eyefractyll-13        fractyll-6fractyll-18-healthfractyll-9


III. PterodactYls are the only winged reptiles known to man. Possessing the widest wingspans ever, these Jurassic pioneers offset fractal perfection.

*Vampire bats, they vaulted into the air to capture prey~    Fractal + Pterodactyl  = Fract*Y*ll

NYC is filled with just this: Sublime, cold-blooded birds river-lashing around the eye-fractal-pterodactyl…the Latticework of C*U*L*T*U*R*E* & eye-perception.




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