City Harvest Gala: An Evening of Practical Magic  

Obesity now exceeds hunger in terms of population spectrum, but that’s because the world eats unhealthy foods. City Harvest Gala is beautifully composed of 60+ top chefs and culinary experts serving on their Food Council. Underneath a Board of Directors, its business, technology and management skills help supply healthy food options to low-income NYC neighborhoods.


Generation Harvest, a group of young philanthropists, helps the enterprise advance by providing sound nutritional training, education and wholesome supplies of healthy food. Engaging Mobile Markets and food retailers, while hosting stunningly lucrative galas such as the Evening of Practical Magic gala -this past Thursday night, generous supporters, honorees, chefs, restaurateurs, food donors and guests come forth. Acquiring a whopping $2.7 million dollars, which is enough to help feed over 9,860 New York City families for a year, there exists no better investment than human health and welfare.






City Harvest Gala















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