Citi Taste of Tennis: Tennis Never Tasted so Good


Honoring the swing-off of the United States U.S. Open, the culinary homage was a one of a kind event. An emblem of taste, décor and virtual reality, Midtown’s W Hotel illuminated craft and handiwork Thursday night was most noteworthy. ‘Okinawa sweet potato ravioli’ from Megu and corn-olive ‘Esquitas’ by Salvation Taco and truffle-mushroom gnocchi from Davio’s certainly wins ‘pervasive smell’ award. And Fruity aromas, in addition of forks a meat and olives, wine and more—music and tennis nets, balls, and lean-tan players sprinkled fireworks aux palais. As a result, fractals of taste same as—abounded and seems like richly as strategic as the sportsmanship sailing the night.



Cultural Fractals:

Caribbean and Jamaican, Mexican and Italian, Japanese and American led the taste-spectacle. But seems like each had overstepped their boundaries, unconsciously merging into the Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian and French. Drums beat in the courts of one another, resounding adjacent or colonial brands. While i had My personal fave–‘Eggs å la Mediterraneenne’, via Antoine Westermann of Le Coq Rico. Hence, almost had me thinking ‘Mexican’ for a while. As a result, stumbled upon its title. Then maybe there was Frances Teriga’s addictive sweet potato ravioli. Apparently from ‘Okinawa’; ravioli, dunked into cream and couture-green, olive oil.  While i wondered just when and how Japanese culture adopted the #1 ranked most common global food—Pasta– as its own.  Cultural fractals persist all around. So, it is up to us to mechanically savor their sequence, with or without global politics, culinary conquest and stigmata.







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