Shelley Hu: The AR/VR Artist Following in Abramović’s Footsteps

Shelley Hu: Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have come a long way. No longer is the field limited to gimmicky turn-of-the-century experiences like those theme park movie theater shorts with shaky seats and mist machines or the more recent, clunky, forgettable Google Glass; today, even average consumers can purchase state-of-the-art VR headsets for […]


Nature|Technology I Exhibit: Artistic Resilience by Slow Burn NYC

    The Canvas​’ Bowery storefront houses an ethical retail hub, a sustainably-sourced beverage stand, and a portal to a world of frighteningly innovative, reality-warping artistry. Snaking to the back of the shop, one can find the entrance to a multi-roomed, white-walled maze, that, from November 20th to December 15th, hosts Slow Burn NYC’s fifth […]


Virtual Gallery Night: Zero Experiment meets David Padworny

Downward spiraling into the Covid-19 abyss, the human need for visual and figurative art magnifies. Lockdown may have stifled many artists’ desire to create, but it has intensified patrons’ hunger to appreciate and engage with the finer arts: Paintings, sculpture, photography, music, film, literature, design and cooking. Entrepreneur and curator Marina Dojchinov recognized this gap […]


Botanical Metamorphosis: Nature Jewelry by Kira Koktysh

“Nature is the best Artist”   Aphrodite’s spring meets the Garden of Eden through Kira Koktysh’s nature-inspired jewelry. She employs her signature Swarovski crystals and natural stones unto mesmerizing fig, mushroom, leaves and flowers moldings. Imbued with an Earth-toned color palette—olive greens, deep purples, burgundy, brown, rich browns—Kira evokes the mysterious laws of Nature. She […]