Hermès’ urbanely regal new Boutique: kumquat bouquets & lobster tails

Hermès’ opening of the New York Meatpacking boutique this week prompted a lavishly hip after party at Skylight on Vesey Street. An emblematic foray into Studio54 meets Greek mythology, the Kitchen, Garden Tapestry and Kings rooms transported guests into a royal feast + 1970’s disco fête.   Set amid ancient Mediterranean scenery was the serpentine […]


An Introvert’s Guide to New York Fashion Week

On the top floor of Pier 59 it was pretty much impossible not to feature in somebody else’s selfie. There were strident leopard-print fashionistas strutting and restrutting dramatic entrances into the Oxford Fashion Studio’s waiting room (always recorded by a trustworthy friend); leopard-print solo flyers touched up their foundation in phone reflections, occasionally pausing to […]


CAAFD: A Review

The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to bolster aspiring fashion designers and in their own words, “help those emerging designers get a foot in the door.”   Chelsea Piers was packed and of the three designers presenting, the first was Mouton Blanc. In French, ​mouton blanc​ […]