Botanical Metamorphosis: Nature Jewelry by Kira Koktysh

“Nature is the best Artist”


Aphrodite’s spring meets the Garden of Eden through Kira Koktyshs nature-inspired jewelry. She employs her signature Swarovski crystals and natural stones unto mesmerizing fig, mushroom, leaves and flowers moldings. Imbued with an Earth-toned color palette—olive greens, deep purples, burgundy, brown, rich browns—Kira evokes the mysterious laws of Nature. She builds fractals, or spiraling orbs of both history and nature unto magnificent earrings, necklaces and rings.


Trying on a pair, one can almost hear the palatable sounds of nature. Tracing the various cycles of nature, she exotically studs geodes, carved amethyst and jasper leaves with tiger’s eye and strips of stingray leather. She chose the Amethyst for her current line, because of its ‘delusional’ qualities. Lavender deepens into relaxing violets, as the “Calmness of the blue and fire from the red equal create inspirational forces,” she intonates. A jeweler and color specialist, Kira is an artist whose paintbrushes are made from nature’s gems, geology and blossoming fruits and flowers—fractals.





Highlighting the transition of seeds to leaves to fruits and flowers, Kira’s designs are never too royal or expensive-looking; they are simply delectably beautiful to the eye, ear and skin. A worldly fractal herself, Kira obtained the jasper for her previous “Poetry without Words” line from China. Resembling the Chinese landscape, Spain then picked up the collection. Finally, as a Russian, exhibiting in New York City—Kira epitomizes fractyll, culture and mystery with every module of sight and delight.






Raised in the Ural Mountains of Russia, the country is known for its mineral ore deposits. Embedded in a tradition of nature folklore, which centered on miners and craftsman, Kira enacts the legendary Mistress of the Copper. A local deity to her home in the Urals Mountains of Russia, the Mistress guarded the earth and its riches, and opened her vaults only to true artists.

















Art Review: By Farrah Sarafa

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