Killin H8: Eco-Rap Heavyweights

Raps, facts, and acts, the duo Killin H8, comprised of individuals Hila tha Killa and Sir Kn8 aims to educate the population about environmental issues through their performances. Zealous about sparking discourse around environmentalism, their show Eco Trippin is an extravaganza of which Bill Nye would be proud. Although Hila and Kn8 rap throughout the entire performance, the show […]


Hakan Akkaya Glam Rock

 In the early 1970’s, a movement was wriggling around in the United Kingdom. Strutting onto the scene in platform boots, and bellbottoms came Glam Rock. Just a little south-east, at the end of that very same decade, Turkey was developing their first feminist movement. Fast forward to Sunday, four decades later, Turkish designer Hakan Akkaya […]